Demonstrate stewardship of your awards and secure future grant funding.​

Manage more grants and restricted funds with less effort.

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT® helps radically reduce the amount of time it takes to manage complex grant requirements, so you can administer more grants with your existing staff.

By using Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT, you can easily monitor reimbursements, capture and require custom information, and manage unique grant reporting requirements. Extra levels of tracking make it simple to separate and report on activities for multiple grants without creating a complex account structure.

  • Ensure that funds are used only on approved expenditures by leveraging a strong internal control structure

  • Demonstrate accountability to funders to increase grant renewals and develop a reputation as a fiscally responsible organization

  • Complete post-award grant administrative tasks in one system to reduce spreadsheets minimize possibility of grant tracking errors

Capture detailed grant information with dedicated records.

Unlike most commercial systems that merely provide reporting tags for grants and projects, Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT includes detailed records, designed as unique objects with robust functionality within each record type. Project and grant records not only allow for more versatile tracking and reporting, but also provide the ability to manage security options, budgeting, allocations, and the grant reimbursement process.

  • Capture important grant information, such as history, notes, defaults, and associated projects

  • Simplify the auditing and reconciliation process with the ability to drill down into grant transaction detail from the activity tab on each record ​

Budget and report on grant management activity.

With Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT, you can create detailed budgets and reports at the grant level, eliminating the need for burdensome and error-prone spreadsheet processes. Create and compare unlimited grant-level budget scenarios across user-defined timelines. You can even budget across multiple scenarios to better prioritize expenditures and assess grant funding needs. Customizable views allow you to quickly explore and analyze potential outcomes across an unlimited number of scenarios.

  • Easily budget and report across multiple grant periods, regardless of your fiscal calendar

  • Report on grant-specific fiscal periods, status, and reimbursement, and view budget vs. actual performance ​

Manage complex grant reimbursements.

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT calculates your grant reimbursement requests based on grantor stipulations directly in the system, so you don’t have to rely on spreadsheets. As you incur reimbursable expenses, they are booked against the grant by type. Built-in grant spending rules automatically calculate reimbursements, so you only need to identify the accounts receivable records to bill against for the services. The process is accurate, secure, and easy to audit.

  • Track reimbursable, indirect costs directly in the grant record based on allowable rates

  • Easily allocate direct and indirect costs based on grantor stipulations

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