Ensure your charity or nonprofit organization achieves its goals while maintaining compliance with regulations. ​

Build trust with strong internal controls.

Show your stakeholders that you’re dedicated to transparency and ethical accounting practices with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®. Govern your financial organization directly within the system, ensuring that your donors and you are confident that your fiduciary and organizational responsibilities are bolstered by your accounting compliance software. Robust control tools help prevent fraud, wasteful spending, and other destructive behavior. Because internal controls are an ongoing process, Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT delivers a full spectrum of capabilities to:

  • Establish and structure the control environment to fit your organizational needs

  • Enforce your control activities through automated workflows

  • Evaluate ongoing activity to gauge how your controls are affecting real behavior

Keep your information safe with advanced security.

Protect confidential information with full security on everything, from accounts and projects to reports and queries. System administrators can grant or deny user rights to specific information, so it does not appear on an unauthorized user’s search screen or in any reports that the user creates. Easily and securely share performance information with non-financial, view-only users.

With advanced security, you can:

  • Configure processes that map directly to your organizational control model, making it easy to enforce the capture of important data and prevent entry errors such as invalid account combinations

  • Create unique business rules to prevent unwanted activities, such as the reopening of closed fiscal years or creation of invalid account combinations

  • Protect confidential data with the ability to control the information each user has access to view.

Improve performance with effective cost management.

Take your funds further with the ability to better understand and control costs. Whether you need to manage your purchasing processes, allocate overhead expenses, track program costs against budget, or calculate depreciation for fixed assets, Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT helps you maximize every dollar and opportunity, so you can better understand and control costs for your organization.

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT helps you:

  • Avoid overspending by determining the availability of funds with built-in budget checking

  • Maintain evidence of all accounting activity in the system with a complete and compliant audit trail

  • Perform direct and indirect allocations to properly attribute revenue and expenses to your funds, accounts, and projects ​

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