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Make informed decisions based on anticipated results, monitor grantee performance, and track overall program impact of your social investing with Blackbaud Outcomes™.

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Measurable Impact of Your Social Investments

Blackbaud Outcomes™ empowers you to track and understand the measurable impact of your social investments. Make informed decisions, track the effectiveness of your programs, and tell your impact investing story using ROI-focused results and a common outcomes measurement language.

High-impact charities choose Blackbaud Outcomes project management and software to measure their grant and investment effectiveness.
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Better Collaboration with Mission Alignment

A single, unified experience means unparalleled transparency and accountability for both funders and their grantee partners throughout the entire grants cycle.

  • Track progress toward previously established goals, giving you the necessary insight to pivot before it is too late
  • Allow funders and grantees to collaborate on intended outcomes and measurements
  • Drive decision making through regular progress updates

A Clear and Powerful Story

The use of a common language across organizations when evaluating results can allow for benchmarking and seamless collaboration.

  • Better align your program and clearly articulate your impact to investors, donors, grantees, or the public with statistics, results, and a common language
  • Benefit from taxonomy mapped to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within Blackbaud Outcomes, creating a common language across organizations that are working toward a similar mission
  • Help funders rollup and analyze the impact of their programs

Results-Focused Decision Making

You’ll be able to monitor progress across your entire portfolio and make grants and investment decisions based on outcomes data from past projects.

  • Identify new collaborative opportunities for the future by identifying gaps or areas for additional improvement
  • With real-time personalized dashboards for everyone from grantee partners to executives, it is quick and easy to access relevant data points around your current impact investing initiatives

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