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Make mobile payment processing easy with Blackbaud MobilePay™

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Secure, simple mobile credit card processing.

With Blackbaud MobilePay, be ready to process credit card payments anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re at an off-site event or away from the office, all you need is a wireless or data connection. Plus, Blackbaud MobilePay integrates seamlessly with  Blackbaud Merchant Services™, so you pay the same low rate on every transaction regardless of the credit card type.

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It’s easy as one, two, three.

Once you’ve set up your Blackbaud Merchant Services account and requested your credit card readers,* you can complete your configuration of Blackbaud MobilePay in three easy steps:

  1. Download the free Blackbaud MobilePay app from the Apple App Store® or Google Play® store
  2. Log in to the app with your username, password, and device name
  3. Insert the card reader into your mobile device and swipe or hand-key the credit card information.

Blackbaud MobilePay is compatible with nearly all iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod Touch® devices running the most current or previous version of the iOS operating system. It also works with phones and tablets that use the most current or previous version of the Android™ operating system.

*Credit card readers are shipped via ground delivery service and should be ordered at least three weeks in advance of your event.

Payments on the go.

  • Swipe and save: Unlike other credit card readers, Blackbaud MobilePay features one low rate for both swiped and hand-keyed mobile transactions. That rate is the same for all card brands: Visa®, MasterCard®, and American Express®.
  • Encrypted on swipe: Blackbaud MobilePay transactions are encrypted when the card is swiped and the data is stored on our secure servers, not your mobile phone or tablet
  • Support for EMV: The Blackbaud MobilePay reader can be used with all EMV chip cards since they also have a magnetic stripe for swiping — as new card acceptance technologies are introduced, Blackbaud MobilePay will continue to be enhanced to support next-generation encrypted cards

Reporting, integration and more.

  • 24/7 report access: Every Blackbaud MobilePay transaction is recorded, and detailed reports are accessible from the Blackbaud Merchant Services web portal
  • Automated email acknowledgements: After every transaction, Blackbaud MobilePay emails an acknowledgement with the payment information and your organization’s contact information, reducing the risk of a chargeback
  • Integration with Blackbaud software: Blackbaud MobilePay transaction data can be imported into most Blackbaud software.

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