Blackbaud Newsroom

Press Coverage Highlights for July 15-29

Our data,  expertise and more were featured in many prominent publications, such as National Clearing House, JustMeans, Association Trends, and Big Duck

  • Plan Now for a Successful ‘Giving Tuesday’ Campaign
    National Clearing House (Families & Youth) ● July 26
    Reports suggest that about 30% to 60% of online giving comes in the last quarter of the year, says Danielle Johnson Vermenton, principal consultant at Blackbaud, Inc., one of the campaign’s founding partners. Participating in Giving Tuesday can harness this spike in generosity without detracting from other end-of-the-year fundraising campaigns, she adds, as long as agencies approach the day with proper planning and promotion. “Giving Tuesday can be an independent fundraising occasion, and as with any special event, it takes time to plan for success,” Johnson Vermenton says.
  • Software Considerations Checklist for the Evolving World of Giving
    Justmeans  ● July 22
    In today’s ever-changing world of giving, more and more types of grantmaking software are emerging in the marketplace. While it’s always great to have options, it’s important to truly understand which grantmaking software is right for your needs. That’s why we’ve created a software considerations checklist to help you make informed decisions to get the most out of your grantmaking solution. To learn more about this and other topics check out the MicroEdge + Blackbaud resource hub.

  • Matching gifts are often overlooked
    Simi Valley Acorn ● July 22
    Not only are boomers a large population of the workforce, but they are one of the largest charitable donor generations. According to Blackbaud, a supplier of donor management software, 72 percent of baby boomers donate to charity, with the average boomer giving $1,212 to an average of 4.5 charities.
  • News in Brief 7/14/16
    Association Trends – Online  ● July 16
    Blackbaud, a provider of software and services to the nonprofit community, acquired, a company that allows organizations to conduct social listening, identify key influencers and drive engagement. The social media engagement platform already integrates with Blackbaud’s digital marketing solution, Luminate Online. Once deeply integrated, will activate an advanced level of social listening for Blackbaud customers; helping them organically grow campaigns while providing a new level of service and community to supporters.
  • Are Your Accounting Tools Up to the Non-Profit Challenge?
    Find Accounting Software blog  ● July 18
    An interview with Michael Blanton of Blackbaud – Blackbaud is one of the industry leading providers of non-profit software technology helping non-profits solve some of their toughest management challenges. Blackbaud’s line of products includes solutions for accounting, fundraising, grant management, budgeting, and other mission-critical non-profit processes. In order to get a better understanding of the opportunities available to today’s growing non-profit organizations, I spoke with Michael Blanton from Blackbaud. Read on, for a practical overview of the most effective strategies, tools, and technologies for non-profits looking to manage fund restrictions, allocations, grant reporting, and budgeting for improved non-profit financial performances.
  • What we give a quack about this summer
    BigDuck ● July 25
    Ah, CRM. A recent report compares some of the most popular CRM tools used by nonprofits (Blackbaud Luminate Online, Engaging Networks, Salsa, EveryAction, Neon, and Charity Engine), offering a nice comparison chart and in-depth reviews of each tool—pretty useful if you’re in the process of choosing a new CRM, or if you’re just interested in what’s out there.