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Building a Culture that Helps Build a Better World

Events last year that put an increased focus on social justice and racial equity gave all of us an opportunity to rethink change and the role we can all play in building a more equitable world. 

In our recently released 2020 Blackbaud Social Responsibility Report, we looked back at how our company and employees came together to respond. In 2020, we all witnessed a watershed moment in the fight for racial justice, as voices from around the globe came together to condemn racism and its corrosive impact on lives, communities, and our world. Blackbaud was proud to stand alongside our customers, supporting them in their vital work to seek justice and adding our voice to the chorus calling for change, while intensifying our own efforts to build a fair and inclusive workplace. 

Blackbaud employees around the world reflected, spoke up, and connected more deeply with their personal communities. From participating in marches, to increasing their community service, to giving to equity-focused organizations, to getting involved with Blackbaud’s affinity groups—our employees led by example, bringing their personal commitment to bear on behalf of a more just world. As a company, we took a stand through charitable donations, corporate initiatives, and by maturing our diversity and inclusion programing. 

Diversity and Inclusion at Blackbaud  
In September 2020, we hired our first Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Michael B. Moore—a game changing step in our efforts to ensure that our company is equitable and inclusive. As a critical member of the Human Resources Executive Committee, Michael is our dedicated leader who will further accelerate our diversity, inclusion, and belonging efforts while building strong relationships with our people, clients, and communities.  

Upon joining the company, Michael’s first major initiative was a wide-ranging survey on employees’ experiences and viewpoints around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at Blackbaud. The results of this survey will drive our priorities moving forward and will play a key role in ensuring that Blackbaud’s steps are relevant and effective. Blackbaud has also launched a Global Diversity and Inclusion Council, co-led by Michael and Blackbaud CEO Mike Gianoni, which guides and informs the planning and execution of diversity and inclusion at Blackbaud.  

Hear more from Michael about his vision for advancing diversity and inclusion at Blackbaud in our report

Giving Back and Taking Action  
The tragic and brutal death of George Floyd in May 2020 launched a shockwave of grief that resonated across the United States and around the world—but this grief was felt with a unique devastation in Minneapolis, where Blackbaud has a team of more than 60 employees.  

In recognition of the particular pain the Minneapolis community experienced, Blackbaud was proud to make a charitable donation to We Love Lake Street, an organization focused on helping businesses and nonprofits rebuild after suffering damage in the unrest following George Floyd’s death.  

Supporting rebuilding is a practical step to help a hurting community, but it is also a symbolic one demonstrating our commitment to join alongside those in deep pain and to build a more just future in which racism does not contort our lives and communities. Inspired by the creative and personal ways our employees were giving back to their own communities during this time, Blackbaud introduced a permanent change to our definition of volunteerism, expanding it to include acts of service to other people or groups in the community and to our company’s employee affinity groups. Previously, to qualify for our corporate-sponsored volunteerism rewards programs, service had to be conducted through a charitable organization. 

Blackbaud also acted on our commitment to building a more equitable world through launching a new cohort of our Social Good Startup Program focused specifically on emerging companies with founders who are Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC). The Social Good Startup Program is designed to drive innovation outside Blackbaud’s walls that benefits the entire social good community.  

Learn more about Blackbaud’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity, and the ways that we give back to our communities in our 2020 Social Responsibility Report