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Blackbaud Releases its Second Annual Social Responsibility Report Today

At Blackbaud, social good is at the heart of everything we do – every decision we make, every customer we work with, and every employee we hire. It’s all part of a larger commitment to our planet, our people and our community. Today, Blackbaud is proud to release its second annual Social Responsibility Report, which provides an in-depth look at the cloud software company’s global social responsibility, governance, ethical practices and dedication to sustainability. It is essential in helping Blackbaud continue its efforts to be transparent and accountable while deepening its commitment to building a better world.

The information presented in the report reinforces Blackbaud’s commitment to its corporate values, which make Blackbaud (and its surrounding communities) a great place to work and live.

One of the agents of good highlighted in the report is Mema Nackasha, who works in the Blackbaud London office and wanted to share her volunteer story. She is just one example of the thousands of active participants that exist at Blackbaud who are passionate about building a better world.

Read the full Social Responsibility Report or check out the highlights!