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Blackbaud Launches New Webinar Series to Help Customers Embrace the Possibilities of the Cloud

Skills UP Webinar Series Will Help Customers Learn How to Set Their Organization and Teams Up for Success by Being Agile, Adaptable, and Open to New Ideas 

The most effective nonprofits, foundations, educational institutions and companies are recognizing that being prepared for rapid and continuous changes in technology and stakeholder expectations are critical to success.According to Walkme, organizations that integrate change management are more likely to meet their objectives than those that don’t.  

At Blackbaud, we’re dedicated to the success of world-changing organizations and the drivers of impact, who are called on to make change happen.  

We’re excited to share that our free four-part professional development webinar series, Skills UP, is back with a focus on change management. This series will focus on how organizations can embrace technology and change in today’s modern cloud world.  

Sessions are available live and on-demand, and include topics such as:  

  • Creating a Change-Ready Culture . Focus: Understand the micro behaviors that make up organizational behavior to influence culture and how to engage your teams in creating change.   
  • Becoming Agile in a Modern Cloud World . Focus: More than ever, technology is critical to mission delivery and stakeholder engagement. Learn how evolving from big annual project-based software updates to agile continual adoption can increase your organization’s performance. 
  • Adapting to New Trends in Stakeholder Engagement . Focus: Ensure your organization is prepared to capitalize on the latest big trends, including within digital giving, automation and intelligence, and impact measurement. 
  • Building a Roadmap for Organizational Change Management . Focus: Learn how to create a roadmap for becoming an agile, change-ready organization, with actionable advice from Blackbaud customers.   

  Registration is available for free here