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Blackbaud Institute Launches Webinar Series on Navigating AI for Social Impact Organizations

Take advantage of AI breakthroughs to bring your organization to the next level!

Social impact organizations are responding to an era of breakthrough advances in AI and other innovative approaches. While new potential can be exhilarating, the pace of change can feel relentless, and many in the social impact community are left with questions of how to best utilize these technologies to power their impact. A new webinar series from the Blackbaud Institute offers strategies, tactics, and tools for leaders and change agents to move forward in this evolving landscape. 

Chart Your Course: Navigating The New AI Landscape

Sessions will demystify AI and empower attendees with confidence and practical frameworks to explore and harness emerging technologies: 

  • June 22, Strategic Innovation: How Do I Plan When I Don’t Know What’s Coming? offers actionable frameworks to assess new opportunities, allowing leaders to prioritize and accelerate innovation in their own organization. Presented by Linton Myers, Director of Innovation and Incubation at Blackbaud, and Kelley Hecht, Team Lead of Nonprofit Industry Advisors at AWS. 
  • July 6, Ethics and Privacy in the Age of AI introduces the foundations needed to evaluate ethical, privacy, and legal principles when leveraging generative AI tools in fundraising and engagement. Presented by Carrie Cobb, VP and Chief Data Officer at Blackbaud, and Cameron Stoll, Sr. Director of Privacy Management at Blackbaud.
  • July 26, Low-Code App Development: A First Step to Creating Your Own AI-Powered Tools gives citizen developers (that means you!) examples of how low-code approaches can be used to solve operational challenges, helping organizations of all sizes to launch and govern their low-code programs. Presented by Heather McLean, Developer and Partner Success Manager at Blackbaud.

Registration is open and free to all, with sessions presented live with Q&A. All sessions will be available on-demand following broadcast, with more to come!

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