Blackbaud Newsroom

Blackbaud Employees Celebrate PRIDE Month

June is PRIDE Month in cities across the US and Canada and is recognized throughout the world at different times of the year.  

PRIDE Month honors the leaders, activists, and allies who rallied in solidarity for the acceptance of gay rights. It’s also about continuing the conversation to embrace marginalized identities and voices across the LGBTQIA+ community and demonstrating humanity for one another regardless of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.  

At Blackbaud, we observe PRIDE Month because we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy their lives without fear or prejudice. To us, this means making sure our employees feel supported in every way possible by providing: 

  • A positive work environment where they can thrive professionally while being themselves at work every day. 
  • An inclusive culture that encourages diversity among our employees so everyone feels like they belong and are part of something larger than themselves. 

We’ll be observing all month long with a list of employee-led activities focused on education, volunteering, and fun content for all employees. A few of these activities include partnering with Goodera on a volunteer activity where employees create fact cards on the lives of influential LGBTQ+ figures to inspire young readers. There will also be a PRIDE Hero’s Week, focused on highlighting pioneers of the gay rights movement, and a virtual Color Week activity which will give employees the chance to wear a color of the PRIDE flag each day of the week and learn more about what that color represents in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

We’re excited to be observing PRIDE Month with colleagues across the globe!