Blackbaud Newsroom

Blackbaud Celebrates National Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 kicks off National Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month in the US, and at Blackbaud we’re excited to join this month-long celebration.  

This month provides a special opportunity to recognize many Latinx and Hispanic backgrounds and communities, and the unique people who have made remarkable impacts for their culture—in the U.S. and across the globe. As we spend time engaging with stories of Latinx and Hispanic perseverance and determination, we are also dedicated to learning more about all the elements that make up this rich and vibrant culture, so that we can observe this heritage month together as a global company.  

You may have noticed that this celebration begins in the middle of the month. September 15 is notable because it is the independence anniversary for several Latin American countries including El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. Independence days for Mexico and Chile fall on September 16 and 18, respectively. Generations of Hispanic and Latinx Americans have made significant contributions to America’s culture through military service, business, sports, music, philanthropy and more. 

Throughout the month, employees will participate in several employee-led activities including volunteering with Goodera to create educational career cards for school-aged children, inviting employees across the company to a fireside chat on Latinx and Hispanic culture, hosting a virtual Bandera (flag) Week—representing their country of origin with flags or traditional dress and more.

Happy National Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month!