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Blackbaud Celebrates Black History Month in the United Kingdom

At Blackbaud, we are committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion is not only recognized but celebrated across our company. In February, we celebrated Black History Month in North America and throughout the month of October, we will celebrate Black History Month with our colleagues in the United Kingdom.

We’re excited to share this time with our employees in the UK as we learn about what Black History Month means to them personally. From the untold stories of yester years to the struggle for social justice and equality we still see today, we will honor the contributions that people of African and Caribbean descent have made and continue to make to the UK.

It is our mission to foster an environment where everyone feels welcomed and included. To build a strong culture where we value each other, our differences, and the similarities that represent our global workforce. Below, our colleagues in the UK share what Black History Month means to them:


bhm-uk-1David Benjamin | EVP & President, International Markets Group
London, England

For me, it’s about remembrance. Remembrance of the invaluable role black people have played throughout global history. Remembrance of the [still] prevalence of racism in our collective societies today. And, most significantly, remembrance we should all be equal citizens, irrespective of race or colour.


bhm-uk-2Shifra Hamilton | Customer Support, Team Lead
London, England

Black History Month is the chance to pass on our heritage and tales of overcoming obstacles by strong black individuals. We are to encourage the younger generation and let them know that anything is possible regardless of race.


bhm-uk-3Jon Walder | Director of People, International Markets Group
London, England

To me, it’s knowing that we are more than the ‘oppressed’—we have stories of triumph that shook the world. Celebrating those who paved the way powerfully brings our history, present and future together.


bhm-uk-4Deborah Anfo-Whyte | Senior Accountant, Corporate Finance
London, England

Black History Month is about reclaiming the story of our ancestors and not just focusing on the history of slavery or the fight for civil rights. It is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate black excellence from past, present and that to come.


bhm-uk-5Faiza Omer | Senior Credit Controller
London, England

It’s a time of rejoicing and celebrating our achievements. We’ve come very far but we are not there yet and we will never give up.