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Blackbaud Celebrates Black History Month in North America

For many around the US and Canada, February marks the beginning of Black History Month. It’s a time to remember the perseverance and courage demonstrated by black legends, leaders, and civil rights activists from all periods of US and Canadian history. It’s also a time to highlight the achievements and contributions that African Americans and Black Canadians have made to positively impact their countries for good. These indelible impacts continue to be recognized today in several professional fields, including law, politics, science, sports, technology, entertainment, healthcare, and more.  

What Blackbaud is Doing to Celebrate 

In honor of Black History Month, Blackbaud will be sharing several engagement opportunities for employees throughout the month. This includes hosting special guest speakers and providing a unique volunteer opportunity with Goodera to record children’s audiobooks featuring black protagonists—designed to inspire the imagination of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) children, as well as several other employee-led activities curated to inform and engage employees at all levels of the company.  

We are looking forward to celebrating Black History Month!