5 Financial Metrics You Should Be Reviewing Monthly (and Two Questions to Ask Annually)

Make these reports part of a monthly workflow to help create an efficient nonprofit finance office

When you establish a monthly workflow for your financial office, you improve your audit readiness, allow for clearer forecasting, and decrease the stress on your staff.

In our webinar, Stephanie Skryzowski, CFO and founder of 100 Degrees Consulting, walked through the steps of creating monthly, quarterly, and annual workflows for your nonprofit finance office. Download this tip sheet to learn:

  • The five metrics that should be part of every nonprofit finance monthly workflow
  • How to calculate each metric and why it is important to monitor them
  • Two questions you should ask your team each year to make sure your processes set you up for growth

Check out this tip sheet and make pulling these reports on a monthly basis a financial habit for your nonprofit.