3 Ways Your Fund Accounting Software Helps Create Strong Internal Controls

Decrease Fraud and Increase Accuracy for Your Not-for-Profit Organization

Intentional fraud can happen in nonprofit organizations, but more often, it’s honest mistakes. Zeros get added or removed. Vendors get paid twice. There is no malice. Just typos from doing too much too fast.

With your fund accounting software, you can create the mechanisms, rules, and procedures your organization needs to ensure the integrity of your financial and accounting information, including promoting accountability and preventing fraud. In this white paper, learn how your fund accounting system can strengthen your internal controls by:

  • Creating processes specific to roles and eliminating accidental changes by unqualified users
  • Decreasing risk by breaking down silos and sharing information automatically and often
  • Showing the controls in action to increase understanding, consistency, and adoption

Download the white paper today to see how you can integrate your internal controls into your fund accounting system.