Zobrio’s Actionable Intelligence (ZAI) Budgeting solution seamlessly integrates with Financial Edge NXT via SKY API to fill in your budgeting gaps.
  • Real-time personalized dashboards
  • Customizable to match your budgeting workflow
  • Scalable, modular design ensures your solution grows as your organization grows
Zobrio’s Actionable Intelligence (ZAI) Banking solution provides integrated revenue and cash management powered by Zobrio’s OpenAPI technology.
  • Real-time Cash Book and reporting views
  • Detailed banking analytics
  • Automated Bank Reconciliation
Zobrio has over 30 years of experience implementing and supporting financial software and are trusted advisors to some of the largest organizations in the US. Zobrio is headquartered in St Louis, MO.

Contact Information

Cyndi Hupperts, Marketing Manager, 314.492.5068, cyndi.hupperts@zobrio.com