Employee Giving and Volunteering

Achieve your higher purpose and increase employee engagement.

High-impact organizations around the world choose Blackbaud's employee giving and volunteering solutions to drive success.
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Manage a successful CSR program with comprehensive, innovative employee giving and volunteering solutions.

Customers and employees favor organizations with effective, employee-supported corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. In fact, 64% of millennials (soon to represent half of the workforce) report that they will not take a job offer from a company without a strong CSR program.*

Blackbaud’s flexible employee giving and volunteering solutions can grow with you as your employees’ passions evolve and you expand your programs. And you’ll get the benefit of a partner that can also help you drive impact in your grantmaking, cause marketing and fundraising – a partner with 35+ years of leadership driving social impact, and innovation driven by deep expertise in the real needs and challenges in today’s CSR space.

With Blackbaud employee giving and volunteering solutions you’ll:

  • Increase employee engagement with simple activity trackers and incentive programs, as well as expansive options to let employees express their own interests and passion
  • Accomplish your greater purpose by driving funds, volunteer hours, and employee engagement
  • Tell the story of your social impact with clear data and 360-degree insight into your programs
  • Create brand ambassadors with engaged employees active in the community improving local relationships and attracting new talent


*(Cone Millennial Employment Engagement Survey 2017)

“Having a technology platform that allows us to scale as we grow as a business and meet our employees where they are, whether it's for volunteering or for employee giving, has been critical to our success. The Blackbaud products are really the backbone and foundation of our corporate responsibility programs. We are able to build off that foundation because the products produce efficiencies and improve our ability to spend time working on the strategic elements of our programs.”

Solutions for Employee Giving and Volunteering

Blackbaud Employee Volunteering

Easy, intuitive cloud-based solution for launching and accelerating your employee volunteerism.

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Blackbaud Employee Giving

A fully integrated workplace charity giving software solution to help maximize employee engagement and serve your community.

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Resources for Employee Giving and Volunteering

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