The Starter package is ideal for organizations who have limited staff resources, and even less time to spend on prospect research. Starter is the out-of-the-box solution that allows users up to 500 individual screens to quickly identify their best prospects along with access to Target Analytics’ full prospecting database to search for and add individual records to their new or existing database. Research lists help to organize and segment prospect files into custom research groups for wealth and philanthropic screening - uncovering each individual’s capacity, inclination, and affinity to give to your organization. The extended network feature allows you to gain access to your prospect’s inner circle of friends and affiliates who share common characteristics to expand your fundraising reach.

ResearchPoint Starter

500 Individual Screens

Custom Research Lists

2 Concurrent users

Extended Network Features

Price per year: $1234.08
Price per month (annual billing): $101.81


ResearchPoint Essentials

Unlimited Individual Screens

2,500 Group Screens

Custom Research Lists

5 Concurrent Users

Advanced Giving Matching

Extended Network Feature

Price per year: $3702.24
Price per month (annual billing): $307.49


Whether you’re getting geared up for an annual or capital campaign, our Essentials package delivers deeper prospect insights and more advanced prospecting features. With unlimited individual screens and up to 2,500 group screens, customers can search for wealth and giving information on multiple constituents at a time – increasing efficiency and driving productivity. Expand your search criteria within the Target Analytics’ prospecting database to lookup individuals by confirmed wealth, real estate and business property, and financial securities. This package was put together with the prospect researcher in mind; adding in advanced giving matching to confidently identify philanthropic behaviors and interests among your organization’s best prospects.



The Professional package is your organization’s complete access to the best prospecting research tools available in the nonprofit market. Sophisticated research departments turn to Professional for its unlimited individual screening capability as well as up to 7,500 group screens for building the absolute best targeted prospect list. With 10 user roles available, varying access levels depending on work functions, researchers dive further into prospecting for precise campaign targeting. Understanding the complexity of larger operations, you have the ability to manage the flow of data between the research team and development officers by assigning and tracking records using the prospect research request feature. Development officers can search requests or review entire lists right at their fingertips.

ResearchPoint Professional

Unlimited Individual Screens

7,500 Group Screens

Custom Research Lists

10 Concurrent Users

Advanced Giving Matching

Extended Network Feature

Prospect Research Requests

Advanced Search Capabilities

Price per year: $6170.40
Price per month (annual billing): $513.17

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