Blackbaud and Convio Now One Company

Now that Blackbaud and Convio are one company, our focus is on integrating quickly so we can deliver on our promise to make multi-channel supporter engagement a reality for nonprofits worldwide. We know that fully engaged supporters drive maximum value, and we can support nonprofits in achieving this faster and better by combining our strengths.

As we continue to combine the two companies, our priority is to tackle three key areas which we believe are most important to our customers and our partners. First, we will build and communicate an action plan to quickly deliver added value for our joint customers, like stronger integration between The Raiser’s Edge and Luminate Online, and clarifying contacts and responsibilities in the new organization. Second, we will focus on shorter-term product improvements that answer customer needs better than either of us could do separately. And, third, incorporating customer feedback, we will define and communicate the vision for a combined product portfolio. These are concurrent projects, and we will be communicating along the way.

Update: Access the Town Hall recording conducted live on September 12th to discuss the retirement of Common Ground.

Update: As we continue to make progress on the Quick Wins announced on June 12, we are excited to share the next phase of our commitments to the market. The 60-Day “stronger together” initiatives include:

  • Improve data health. We are working across both teams/product lines to improve duplicate management and data standardization. The recently announced Raiser’s Edge/Luminate Online integration plans, enhancements to duplication management in The Raiser’s Edge, and the incorporation of new datasets to aid in identification and standardization will all assist in this effort.

  • Identify better prospects. On August 1st, we will begin offering a complimentary Wealth Audit of up to 100k records to our Luminate CRM and Common Ground customers. The Wealth Audit will indicate the wealthiest individuals in a database, allowing them to be prioritized for additional research or targeting. This audit is in addition to the complimentary Data Health Check announced last month, which will screen for errors on addresses and more.

  • Integrate financial data. We are currently making the necessary changes to Common Ground and The Financial Edge to allow a seamless post between the two systems. The post process should allow Common Ground users to take advantage of The Financial Edge and reduce reconciliation time between the Fundraising and Accounting systems. We expect this enhanced posting process to be available with the next release of Common Ground this coming November.

  • Expand reporting and analytics. Last month we announced planned improvements to datawarehousing and reporting for TeamApproach and DonorDirect customers. We are now able to allow these customers to pull in third party data for an even more insight into the history and behavior of their constituents. General release for this solution is targeted for October 1st.

To learn more about these initiatives, please visit Jana's blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Convio and Blackbaud "Quick Wins?"

  • Integrate The Raiser’s Edge and Luminate Online for release in Q1 2013 to smooth the integration process, reduce constituent duplicates and improve data quality.
  • Extend Blackbaud’s complimentary Data Health Check to Convio products by Q4 2012, providing a free service to customers for insights on the health of their data.
  • Improve data warehousing and reporting offering for large direct marketers in Q3 2012, developing a tiered offering from self-service to custom reporting with the additional value of strategic consulting services.
  • Enable Blackbaud Merchant Services for Convio customers by Q1 2013, offering BBMS as one of the payment processing options, providing a highly integrated, simple, and low-rate option.
  • Combine bbcon and Convio Summit for 2012, delivering an exciting customer conference, featuring sessions and expert help for Convio and Blackbaud products and services.

How can I find the latest information about the integration?

We will work to update this page with the latest information, and will be contacting you directly about specific information for your organization. Please always reach out to your contacts in our organization if you have any questions, or provide feedback through the button above.

Do I have a new contact person?

Not in the short term. Please continue working with your usual contacts in sales, service and support at Convio or Blackbaud. In the next 30 days, we plan to have accounts fully mapped and you will receive information *if* there are any changes to your contacts.

What if I am a customer of both Blackbaud and Convio? Should I only call the Blackbaud person now?

No. For the short term, you should continuing working with both organizations. We are in the process of planning for combined account and coverage mapping, so that you will not have two sets of contacts in the future. Once we have completed that work, we will inform you as to your contact points.

Will I continue to access customer support on the Convio site and with the Convio phone numbers? Can I still access the Convio Community?

Convio clients should keep accessing support through the usual methods, including accessing the Convio Community via the Convio website. We will notify you if that changes, but we do not expect it to change for the foreseeable future. We are cross-linking on each site to help navigation as appropriate.

When will you announce the product roadmap?

First, we do not expect radical shifts in our product offerings as a combined company. The acquisition was made in part because of complementary strengths in products. We are actively working through a product roadmapping process, which is focused on how we build a product offering that serves customers best. We believe that within 90 days we will be able to communicate a clear vision for our product roadmap. We also expect to be able to tell you about some areas of improvements, like improved integration between the Raiser's Edge and Luminate Online, within 30 days.

Most important, Blackbaud has a track record of supporting and continuing to develop acquired products or providing support and incentives for conversion in cases where that is the best option. Blackbaud has and will honor existing contracts. When there will be a product migration, our focus will be to ensure customers are motivated to move to a new product because of the benefits it provides, rather than being forced to leave their existing solution.

Will Convio support and training remain included in standard pricing?

Convio offers are not expected to change for the foreseeable future.

Will the acquisition change my existing contract? Will I have to re-contract with Blackbaud?

Blackbaud will stand behind contracts and valid proposals. Contracts will be reevaluated at their renewal, as would normally have occurred.

Is the Convio Summit still happening? Should I sign up for bbcon?

We expect to expand bbcon to include specific tracks for Luminate, Common Ground and other Convio products and services. We will have more details on this in the next month or so, with specific instructions for registration.

Will I get phone calls and emails from both organizations?

We are working diligently to eliminate this as quickly as we can. Because we have not been allowed to compare customer and prospect lists until now, it is likely that you will receive phone calls or emails from a different person in the new combined organization in the first thirty days. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Our highest priority is to resolve these overlaps quickly. Please bear with us.

Forward-Looking Statements

Forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and involve inherent risks and uncertainties, including factors that could delay, divert or change any of them, and actual outcomes and results could differ materially. Among other risks, there can be no guarantee that the acquisition will be completed, or if it is completed, that it will close within the anticipated time period or that the expected benefits of the acquisition and combined business will be realized. These forward-looking statements should be evaluated together with the risk factors and uncertainties that affect Blackbaud’s and Convio’s businesses, particularly those identified in their Annual Reports on Form 10-K and other filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. Except as might be required by law, neither company undertakes any obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

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