Sample Custom Reports

Below you'll find descriptions and samples of our custom reports. Please contact for pricing and other information. Sample reports are available for the following products:

Custom Report Samples at a Glance:

The Raiser's Edge Reports

Fiscal Year Comparison By Fund Custom Report

Compares snapshot of last year to this year, including the Variance and % Variance.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Constituency Comparison MTD-YTD Custom Report

Comparing data between two periods is important. How were you doing last year at this time? How were you doing the same month of last year? Now you can see it in one snapshot! This Month-to-Date/Year-To-Date report can be used to compare Donor count and Gift data by Constituency, or possibly another data type. Time needed to edit this report for a different value may vary.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Pledge Summary by Fund Custom Report

No matter when the pledge was made, this Pledge Summary report will list prior period and current period breakdowns of Cash, Pledge Pays, and Write-offs. Gives pledge balance as of the end of the current period.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Relationship Custom Report

Need a report that lists relatives, solicitors and business relationships? The Relationship Custom report will display spouse relationships, child relationships, and can be modified to display organization relationships. A query can be selected to display the desired records.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Phone Directory Custom Report

Need a simple list of a query of constituents with their phone contact information? This Phone Directory will display constituent name and phone numbers based on a query.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Solicitor Performance Custom Report

The Solicitor Performance Report tracks the performance of your solicitors over a period of three years. The detail report includes constituents assigned to the solicitor, the amount donated by each assigned constituent, goal amounts for each solicitor, and the total amount generated per solicitor.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Donors in Multiple Years Custom Report

Do you run the Consecutive Years Report to determine appeal targets, giving circles, or special recognition? Do you worry about leaving out Suzie, who has been loyal for nine of the last 10 years, but missed a year due to an illness? Now you can worry less. The Donors in Multiple Years Report is a simple way to report on constituents who gave in multiple years during a pre-defined period. For example, you can find folks who gave in any three years between 2005 and 2009, save them to an output query and send out an appeal customized to that group. It has filters for gift type, campaign, fund and appeal, so you can effortlessly pull constituents who pledged at the phone-a-thon in four of the last seven years.
Download the sample report (PDF)


The Financial Edge Reports

Donor Statement Custom Report

Want a way to send a summary Project report to your donors? Now you can with this Donor Statement. The Donor Statement calculates the Project beginning balance as of a certain date. It displays a summary of posted activity to client specified accounts. It can also display detailed Journal Entry information for Contributions or Distributions for that Project.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Purchase Order with Acct. #'s Custom Report

This Purchase Order displays all of the information you are accustomed to plus Account Numbers from the General Ledger Distribution of each Line Item.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Payment Distribution Custom Report

You wanted a compact Payment Distribution report and now you have it. No longer do you have to review pages of information that you don't need. This Payment Distribution report contains Payment Information and Invoice General Ledger Distribution.
Download the sample report (PDF)


The Education Edge Reports

SIS Transcript Custom Report

This Transcript shows it all! Including Attendance, overall GPA, various Test scores, and Academic year grades. Time to edit may vary on attendance code types, marking column changes, and adding logo or specified school text.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Grade Distribution Custom Report

The Grade Distribution report displays grade data in a different manner. It's an easier view to gauge which and how many courses are A+'s, A's, A-'s, B+'s, etc. The report displays one student per page, lists courses, then grades for the marking column. Great visual view!
Download the sample report (PDF)

Student ID Cards Custom Report

Paying money to have a third party vendor create your Student ID Cards? Store Student pictures in the Education Edge? Now print your Student ID Cards directly from your PC with this custom report .
Download the sample report (PDF)


The Patron Edge Reports

Reconciliation Custom Report

Need a method to examine and reconcile your revenue? The Reconciliation Report allows record level review of revenue by account number with valuable supplemental information for the Closed Drawer Report. Reconciles to General Ledger Post for Financial Edge clients.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Sales by Payment Method Custom Report

Particularly helpful for clients who charge Credit Card fees, the Sales by Payment Method Report weights item cost across different payment methods. Report displays revenue grouped by item rather than transaction and is supplemental to the Closed Drawer Report.
Download the sample report (PDF)

History Comparison Custom Report

Need a way to Gauge and Compare effectiveness of different marketing campaigns employed, or popularity of shows /events? The History Comparison report displays ticket breakdowns by event for any two periods supplied by the end user. Test your success comparing two fall seasons or one show compared to another, or just from one week to the next whether your sales are improving. This report will let you chart your success and ensure that your marketing dollars are being spent well.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Show Sales Custom Report

An iteration of an Event Settlement report, the Show Sales Report is for clients who need to attribute all revenue to a given show for sponsored events, vendors etc.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Capacity Custom Report

Need a method to track show attendance? Need help increasing ticket sales? The Capacity report with all relevant capacity information by show and event, including seat locks, sold seats by price, %sold etc. will definitely give you the information that you need. Know in a moment if a show is sold out or if sales could use a boost.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Series Renewals Custom Report

For clients who prefer to work in Excel, the Series Renewal report allows for easy mail merge for renewal or confirmation letters.
Download the sample report (XLS)

Discounts Commissions Custom Report

Have you ever wondered how well your discounts promote attendance? Or would you like to know the amount of a particular fee? The Discount Commission report will allow you to review all discounts and commissions in one report, without ticket prices included. No extra calculations will be needed to review this valuable accounting information.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Scanning Custom Report

Finally have all of your scanning information in one report. All series and single ticket scanning in one report, by hour or by date for any range supplied by the end user. The Scanning report will allow you to know at any hour the number of people entering your venue, how many sales / attendance occurred within any time period or allow you to track attendance over any period of time.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Series Price Level Custom Report

Would you like to examine the series sales by price level and by show simultaneously? The Series Price Level report offers a granular view of patron's series' purchase with ticket counts by price level within each series purchase. The report will help with price list adjustments, attendance information and show sales tracking.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Client List by Seat Custom Report

Having trouble locating your constituents to give them the special treatment they deserve? The Client List by Seat report facilitates personalized greeting of constituents when attending shows with each constituent listed by seat location and donor level for quick reference.
Download the sample report (PDF)

Event Calendar Custom Report

Need a method to communicate group visits with your staff members? The Calendar of Venue Events and Scheduled Group Visits with Visitor Count will assist in keeping everyone on the same page. All groups and events tracked in one place in an easy calendar format for a quick and easy way to maintain your venue's schedule of events.
Download the sample report (PDF)


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