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IWK Health Foundation Increases Online Donations and Enhances Donor Experience with Blackbaud NetCommunity Grow

The IWK Health Centre Foundation exists to ensure patients receive excellent care, both inside the IWK and in their home communities, by funding the equipment, programs, and people that government does not. Established in 1996, the IWK Foundation relies on the generosity of donors from every corner of the Maritimes and beyond. The motto the Foundation shares with its donors is simple – With You, Anything Is Possible. The IWK Health Centre is a tertiary care facility serving children, youth, and women in the Maritime region of Canada


IWK Health Foundation had been using NetSolutions for online donations and had a custom-built website. Because the website was hosted by the IWK Health Centre’s IT Department, any changes the Foundation wanted to make had to go through them. This process was cumbersome and took additional time.

Additionally, the website branding needed to be modernized; therefore, the Foundation began to look for a solution that would provide a more up-to-date look and be easier to both use and maintain. The organization wanted a website to which it could drive constituents and that would be user-friendly and visually appealing. It also wanted to streamline the process by which online donations are entered and tracked in the Foundation’s database, The Raiser’s Edge®.


IWK Health Foundation evaluated other website providers and selected Blackbaud NetCommunity Grow™.

“We were looking at other website companies, but the decision came down to Grow’s integration with The Raiser’s Edge,” said Natalie Foster, systems supervisor for IWK Health Foundation. “That integration made NetCommunity Grow a clear choice.”

NetCommunity Grow includes an easy-to-update content management system that enables IWK to quickly make necessary changes to its website. This ensures that the organization is providing the most up-to-date information to its donors and prospective donors. Additionally, NetCommunity Grow enables the Foundation to easily set up donation forms for specific gifts that correspond to the appropriate fund in The Raiser’s Edge.

The social media and email functionality that comes with NetCommunity Grow was also an added bonus for IWK Health Centre Foundation.

“We enjoy having the social media functionality and will grow upon it,” said Stephanie Reid, marketing communications officer for IWK Health Centre Foundation. “We’re working to broaden our donor base, and donors are coming to expect an integrated, current and stimulating online experience. NetCommunity Grow helps us deliver fresh content and stories that engage donors and build relationships.”


IWK Health Centre Foundation has experienced phenomenal growth in online donations since implementing NetCommunity Grow. After launching the new website in February 2010, the value of the organization’s online donations from its annual Telethon increased five times over the previous year. The 2009 telethon had 303 donations come in online. In 2010, after launching NetCommunity Grow, the number of online donations increased to 820 — an increase of 170 percent.

The Foundation has seen growth in online donations across the board.

  • The number of non-solicited online donations has increased 45 percent.
  • The number of memorial and tribute donations increased from 414, before NetCommunity Grow, to 449 with NetCommunity Grow.
  • Overall online donations have increased almost 63 percent from 1030 to 1675.

As systems supervisor for IWK Health Centre Foundation, Foster is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the organization’s data. She says Blackbaud NetCommunity Grow, with its link to The Raiser’s Edge, has streamlined the process of recording online donations and saved the team valuable time. “The integration between Grow and The Raiser’s Edge, has streamlined the process,” said Foster. “We can trust that information enters the database the way it is supposed to and that we can get the information we need, when we need it.”

Debra Norman, data processing specialist for the IWK Health Centre Foundation, seconds Foster’s sentiments. “It is 100 times faster with NetCommunity Grow and I have much more freedom to move the data as necessary. I can manipulate it before it is entered into The Raiser’s Edge and remove entries that are in all caps or might be duplicates. It is just a few clicks,” she said.

Ease of use and integration makes a noticeable difference during large campaigns. Before NetCommunity Grow, it would take approximately two to three working days to pull data from the website, attach a Raiser’s Edge ID, and either import or manually enter each donation. Now it takes just a few clicks, and the resulting data is much cleaner.

For Reid, NetCommunity Grow gives her a website that the organization is proud to market and drive people to. The IWK Foundation is now able to provide customized online experiences.

Despite their different roles, the team at IWK Health Centre Foundation all agrees on one thing: with NetCommunity Grow, the overall donor experience is much more positive. The Foundation has received nothing but positive feedback from its constituents.

“At the end of the day, it is about meeting the needs of our donors. By enhancing our online experience, we are able to do that,” Foster concluded.

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