Habitat for Humanity Collier County

Habitat for Humanity of Collier County chooses Target Analytics to Target and Identify Most Valuable Supporters

Since 1978, The Collier County chapter of Habitat for Humanity has been serving the community by building affordable homes for those in need. To date the organization has built six communities in Collier County with the largest housing more than 200 families. With the help of generous donors, Habitat is able to make owning a home a reality for many low income families.


Habitat for Humanity of Collier County had a partnership with the international office where it received certain Target Analytics tools, including WealthPoint, to help the organization better target and identify potential donors.

When the partnership ended, Habitat for Humanity of Collier Country risked losing the segmenting tools it had come to rely on.

Many of the residents in Collier County only live in the region seasonally; therefore, the organization needed additional tools to help identify those constituents who truly could become a VIP supporter.


The Collier County chapter decided to continue its WealthPoint subscription. WealthPoint helps the organization identify which potential donors have the ability to make a major financial impact even when wealth is hidden.

WealthPoint searches help the staff gather insight into the lives of donors and potential donors to give the organization the edge it needs to develop a successful campaign.

By focusing its cultivation efforts on those supporters who are most likely to give, Habitat will be able to increase its fundraising success and build more houses each year.


WealthPoint allows the staff to acquire new supporters, upgrade existing supporters and enables the cultivation and stewardship of current major donors. Habitat gains insight into where its resources exist and can identify what other organizations its supporters are involved with.

Recently, Habitat performed a WealthPoint screen on a donor who had previously given $10,000 consistently for a few years but had become inactive. Using WealthPoint, Habitat found that the donor owned additional property and a business, and discovered what other organizations he supported. Armed with this information, Habitat tailored a gift proposal for this donor. The donor responded with the gift and Habitat began to strengthen their relationship with him. After receiving Habitat’s annual report, the donor responded with a $50,000 gift without being asked. This was enough to support the construction of an entire house!

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