Employee Engagement

Blackbaud employees are encouraged to participate in the forums. To provide guidance to employees and let other forum participants know what to expect, we have crafted the following best practices. The forums are a comfortable, casual place to exchange ideas and share knowledge; they are not bound by extensive rules and regulations. The list of guidelines below is intentionally broad to encourage forums participation.

  1. You are the voice of Blackbaud: All Blackbaud employees represent our company, which can add significance to your public statements. Be respectful of how other Blackbaud employees may be affected by your words. When you post, use your real name.
  2. Strive for accuracy: If you are making a statement of fact in a forum post, ensure that it is accurate and up-to-the-minute. If you are uncertain about the accuracy of a post, contact the Blackbaud employees who are responsible for the products, services, or other initiatives that you are writing about.
  3. Tell the whole story: If you have a question to ask or advice to share, include enough detail in your posting for readers to understand your solution or goal. If you are starting a forum thread, make the subject heading as descriptive as possible. When you post a response, be descriptive and place your post in context so that it moves the discussion forward.
  4. Choose the correct location: If you are posting a new thread, find the forum or subforum that is most relevant to your topic. Before you post, search and review the other posts to determine if a discussion regarding this topic has already been posted. Someone may have already answered your question, or made the point that you were planning to make. Do not post duplicate threads.
  5. The forums are not Case Central: The forums are foremost a community for users to exchange ideas and share knowledge. If you have knowledge to share that might help answer another poster's question, by all means share it, but do not feel obligated to answer every question that is posted.
  6. Keeping in touch: If you post a question, receive a response, and have a follow up question, post it to the forum. If you have questions, there are probably other forum participants who have the same questions. If you've posted a suggestion for someone, follow up with another post a few days later to see if it worked. There may be times where you exchange direct emails with other posters, but send an email only when asked. Users participate in forums for a reason, and they may ignore an email from an unfamiliar source.
  7. Peer reviewing: If you have an opinion, correction or criticism regarding another Blackbaud employee's forum posting, let him know. If you feel it is appropriate for the forum, reply to his post. If you don't feel that your feedback is appropriate for the forums, contact that person directly. Peer feedback lets us know what we're doing well and how we can improve.

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