Personalizing the Forums

The forums provide a place to network with other members of the nonprofit community. You can set up your forums profile to personalize your forums experience. You can also contact other forum members directly by emailing them through the forums or sending private messages.

If you are a Blackbaud customer, log in to the forums to access your profile. If your organization does not have Blackbaud software, register on our website to create a forums account.

How do I set up my forums profile?

When logged into the forums, click Edit Profile at the top right of the forums page. Your profile includes the following tabs, which contain different profile options. Click "Save" on each tab after making changes. All profile settings are optional.

  1. Signature and Bio: Enter the signature you want to use in your forum posts in the Signature field. The Bio field is available for you to create a short biography which others can view from your profile.

  2. About: Enter your name, the year you became a Blackbaud software user, any Blackbaud products you use, your location, and occupation. You can also add a list of your interests, your birth date, and your organization's web address. If you write a blog, you can include a URL for your blog. All this information will be visible to other users when they view your profile.

  3. Avatar: Avatars are images you select to represent yourself. Our forums require that avatars be .gif or .jpg files. Animated .gif files can be used, but will not be animated. Avatar dimensions are set to 80 X 80, but will downsize automatically. To add an avatar to your profile, select the Avatar tab, Click Update, and then mark Yes next to Enable Avatar. Browse to the location of the image you want to use as your avatar, and double-click the file to open it. Click the Update button. It may take several minutes for the avatar to display.
  4. Email: On the Email tab, you can select your email preferences and enter any contact information that you'd like to share with other forums members. Forum emails will be sent to the email address listed in Private Email field (under Private Settings), which is associated with your profile. You can modify your email address in your profile by clicking Update Personal Profile.
  5. Site Options:
    The Site Options tab allows you to customize the functionality of the forums display.
    • Sort Posts: You can sort the order of posts within a thread in ascending or descending order based on the date posted. This is applicable only if the forum posts are displayed in the default "Flat View" format.
    • Font Size: You can make the size of the text on the site larger or smaller by selecting the size from this list.
    • Forum Posts Default View: "Flat View" displays a forum thread as a sequence determined by the sort posts option. All posts within the thread are visible. "Threaded View" displays the thread in a bi-paned window. You can select individual responses (posts) to the thread in the left pane to display them in the right hand pane. This view is useful to see replies that have been made out of chronological order.
    • Display in members list: This setting determines whether you want to be included in the members list. Setting this to "No" will remove your name from the searchable member list but will not prevent other site members from viewing your public profile.
    • Enable Collapsing Panels: The "Yes" option allows you to collapse forums so only the forum title displays on the forums home page.
    • Enable Emoticons/Display User Avatars/Display User Signatures: You can choose whether to display emoticons, user avatars, and user signatures in posts. This affects only whether these items display for you; other users will still be able to see them according to their settings.
    • Items per-Page in Control Panel grids: This setting determines the default number of rows that are displayed on a page.
    • Timezone: Select the time zone in which you reside to see the time and date of posts accordingly.
    • Date Format: Select your preferred format for the display of dates.

  6. Favorites:
    The Favorites tab contains a list of forum participants you have marked as friends and forum participants who have marked you as a friend, as well as forums and forum posts you have selected as favorites. If you mark the Share Friends, Share Favorites Posts, and Share Favorite Sections options, other users will be able to view your favorites when they view your profile. To remove a Favorite from your list, mark the checkbox next to the Favorite and click "Delete."

How do I mark threads, forums, or users as favorites so I can access them again?

To add favorites, you will need to log in to the forums or register on our website to create a forums account. Once logged in, you can select favorite forum users, forum posts, and forums:

  1. To add a forum post as a favorite, open the post and click Favorites. Select "Add this post as a Favorite" from the drop-down list.
  2. To add a forum as a favorite, open a post in the Forum and click Favorites. Select "Add this forum as a favorite" from the drop-down list.
  3. To add a forum participant as a friend:
    • Open the user's public profile page by clicking his name anywhere in the forums, and click the "Add [username] as a friend" hyperlink.
    • Open a forum post by the user you wish to add as a friend, click Favorites, and select "Add [username] as a friend" from the drop-down list.

What contact options do I have for other forum members?

When viewing a post, you can follow the steps below to email the individual who posted it:

  1. Click the Contact button on the post.
  2. Click Send [user name] an email.
  3. A pop-up window will open. Enter the text of your email and click Send Email to deliver the message.

You can also send private messages to other users through the forums. Private messages are stored within your forums profile and are not publicly available to other users. To view messages and adjust your settings, click Inbox (on the top right of forums pages), or when viewing your forums profile, click View all private messages at the bottom of the page.

To send a private message to a forums member who posted a message:

  1. Click the Contact button on the post.
  2. Click Send [user name] a private message.

Note: You must be logged into the forums to send emails and private messages.

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