Searching the Forums

The forums are accessible to everyone; you do not need a Blackbaud login to browse or search the forums. Before you post, search and review other posts to see if a relevant discussion has already been posted.

How do I search the forums?

Enter a keyword in the search field and click the Search button. If you are searching within a forum or subforum, you can choose to search that forum or subforum only, all forums of that type (e.g., Product Forums, Technical Forums), or the entire forums site.

What are tags?

Tags are keywords used to categorize posts and make them easier to find. They give posts relevance when displayed in the Popular Tags box on the right side of forums pages. Tags appear in a variety of font sizes based on their occurance in the database. The larger a tag appears, the more often it has been added to posts.

How do I search for shared client documents?

You can find forum posts with client documents attached to them by clicking the client document tag in the Popular Tags box on the right side of the Forums home page. Or, browse the Shared Client Documents forums.

What are the advanced search options?

The advanced search options allow you to refine your search by adding more keywords, matching tags, filtering by date, and selecting a sort order. You can access them by clicking the More Search Options link after performing an initial search.

What options do I have for sorting forum posts?

Click the More Options button below the list of posts to sort by Last Post Date, Thread Author, Total Ratings, Total Views, and Total Replies in descending or ascending order.

How do I navigate between threads? 
Use the Previous and Next buttons at the top of a forum post.


How can I customize my forum search results?

All forums are displayed to all users by default. To display only select forums:

  1. Click Personalize at the top of the list of forums.
  2. To hide a specific forum, click Yes in the Display column. The word Yes will automatically become No. Repeat this for each forum you do not want to display. To hide an entire section of forums (e.g., Product Forums, Nonprofit Event Forums), click Yes to the right of the forum section name to change it to No.
  3. To return the forums home page, click Return to Personalized View at the top of the lists of forums.

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