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Regardless of how they first learn of your organization– through an advertisement, direct mail, email, Google search or in person – the majority of your potential donors are checking your organization out online before they choose to support you. Among those who eventually donate, only 30% will give again the following year.

Boost that number for your organization with Blackbaud NetCommunity: a powerful, flexible content management system for nonprofits that puts your organization’s best face forward online.

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Web Marketing and Content Management at a Glance:

Nonprofit CMS That Helps Keep Content Fresh

If you opened the newspaper today and the stories were exactly the same as yesterday, would you pick it up again tomorrow? While your nonprofit’s website can be a useful archive of information, its real purpose is to keep visitors informed of your cause’s most recent progress and requirements.

Blackbaud Interactive sites are built with flexible content management tools for nonprofits that allow anyone in your organization to update content and have it approved via workflow, ensuring fresh, relevant information is always available on your site.


Nonprofit Content Management System and Social Media

Leverage Multimedia and Social Media

Today’s visitor expects more from your nonprofit website than basic text and images. Supplementing the written word with slideshows, videos, polls, surveys, and news and social feeds helps you cater to all types of visitors at all stages of engagement with your organization.

Blackbaud Interactive sites not only accommodate sophisticated web features, but track which are most effective so you can focus on the right content.

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Capitalize on What Works for Your Nonprofit

Measuring site traffic and click-throughs is a basic – and critical – part of managing an effective website, but you can lose valuable opportunities to motivate action while waiting to review data and make changes.

Blackbaud's nonprofit content management software adjusts content in real-time, without manual intervention, based on the behaviour of your visitors.

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Nonprofit Content Management System Analytics

Motivate and Enable Action

You use audience data to craft messages that motivate support, and a good content management system makes it easy to showcase those messages.

Nonprofit websites built on our content management system make the entire process – from home page visit to online donation, event registration, or advocacy action – seamless with auto-populated forms, logical sequences, built in help, automatic confirmations and more.


Use Data to Drive Response

Constituent data is the lifeblood of your organization. For years you’ve gone collected and protected it, but are you using it effectively motivate ongoing support?

Nonprofit websites built on Blackbaud's content management system are the only websites designed for real-time, two-way integration between CRM and CMS, ensuring each website visit is personalized to the visitor.

The result? A nonprofit content management system that multiplies response rates to 10 times the industry average.

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Nonprofit Content Management System and Fundraising Software

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