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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Event Software for Nonprofits

Empower participants to raise more money, extend reach, and manage fundraising activities online.

Blackbaud's peer-to-peer and event fundraising software gives your event participants what they need to be successful social fundraisers. Friends Asking Friends provides email, social media, and mobile tools that allow your participants to reach their personal networks. Plus, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with participants by tracking and analyzing their online, offline, social, and mobile activity. Improve your event fundraising results with a little help from your friends.


Friends Asking Friends Event Fundraising Features

Blackbaud Friends Asking Friends is designed to support your peer-to-peer event fundraising efforts. Your organization can quickly and easily launch an online fundraising website complete with customizable individual and team pages, e-mail and social media capabilities, mobile tools, donation processing support, dynamic reporting and bookkeeping services.

Blackbaud’s online tools add to your peer-to-peer fundraising event success by empowering your participants to become successful social fundraisers. Participants can utilize intuitive online tools to set up, manage and monitor a personal fundraising page, as well as send personalized e-mail solicitations and social media mentions to friends and family inviting them back to make a donation or become a participant.

Feature Selector:

Interactive online experience for participants and donors:

Compelling Website Creation

Promote peer-to-peer fundraising and showcase your mission using our intuitive user interface to design and launch your fundraising website. Inspire visitors to sign up as an individual, team captain, team member or as family.

Get to Know Your Participants and Donors

Customize registration and donation forms to gather more detailed information about an individual’s involvement, interest, and connection to the cause.

Encourage Corporate Involvement

Support corporate teams and provide a third level of team participation where teams can be grouped under individual or national corporations.

Sponsorship Promotion

Create corporate sponsorship opportunities on the Web site including: sponsor box with rotating sponsor logos and view our sponsor’s page.

Symbolic giving with eCommerce

Build a simple online store to sell event merchandise or create a symbolic gift catalogue and provide visitors with alternative giving opportunities.

Extended Visitors Involvement

Allow supporters to participant further in various online activities such as polls, quizzes, bulletin boards, Coach’s Corner, stores, online auctions, and gadgets.

Extend your reach and turn participants into social fundraisers:

Personalized Fundraising Pages

Enable participants to create their own personal fundraising page; share their reasons for taking action with pictures, stories, and videos from YouTube®.

Donor Recognition

Personal pages not only allow individuals to share their reasons for participating but inspire donors to contribute with dynamic event information, fundraising progress and scrolling gift honour roll.

Participant Address Books

Individuals can easily import and save email addresses to create personalized email solicitations for current and future events. Participants are able to create groups within their address book to manage prospects, past donors and current donors.

Participant Headquarters

Provide participants with tools to track donations, email communications, and personal fundraising page activity. Automatically load participants personal email address book, email history and donation history in future events.

Social Media Extensions

Built-in social media tools allow participants to extend their fundraising efforts to Facebook® and Twitter®. Participants can update their Facebook friends and Twitter followers directly from their participant headquarters. When they do this a shortened URL is included that brings people back to their personal fundraising page – driving increased traffic and fundraising opportunities.

Manage Your Peer-to-Peer fundraising activities more efficiently:

Central Fundraising Administration

All online and offline participant, donor, volunteer, and sponsor activity is compiled and managed in a central online dynamic database to provide a complete view of their activity and interests.

Single and Batch Entry Bookkeeping

Track, record and administer all of your programs registrations, donations, and sponsorships with single and batch entry forms

Friends Asking Friends Reporting

Access a full set of highly customizable peer-to-peer fundraising-specific reports showing social media activity, mobile use, communication, registrant, donation, and sponsorship data.

Corporate Team Pyramids

Provide a third-level of team participation where teams can be grouped under individual or national corporations.

Volunteer Management

Track and manage event day volunteer positions. Manage your event committees online and enable members to track sponsorship and fundraising prospects with the committee dashboard.


Event Fundraising Resources

Friends Asking Friends Resources at a Glance:

Blackbaud Friends Asking Friends Essentials Overview

Friends Asking Friends Essentials adds enhanced design services to provide a richer and more engaging online experience for your participants.

Make your participants more effective fundraisers with:

  • Enhanced personal and team pages that drive better fundraising results.
  • Built-in sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media sites.
  • Integrated Facebook commenting, encouraging interaction and participation that brings supporters back time and time again.
  • Fresh, unique design that showcases your mission and improves fundraising effectiveness.


Independent Fundraising Events

Blackbaud Friends Asking Friends supports all your peer-to-peer fundraising needs. It not only empowers your run, walk, and ride participants to be successful fundraisers, but it’s also your solution for independent fundraising events (IFE).

Independent fundraising events are activities designed and managed by volunteers to raise funds on behalf of a nonprofit organization. While the possibilities for personal fundraising activities are endless, bake sales, barbecues, and dinner parties – are some of the most popular

Watch the video and download the whitepaper to learn more.


Five Questions about Turning Event Participants into Fundraisers

Are you struggling to turn your event participants into fundraisers? Event 360’s Jeff Shuck and Blackbaud’s Amy Braiterman will answer your questions on how to convert more of your event participants into fundraisers. Ever wonder which participants are more likely to fundraise than others, what strategies work for zero dollar participants vs. existing fundraisers, or how you can best utilize incentives?

Watch the recorded webinar (WMV).


Friends Asking Amy Blog

Do fundraising and pop culture belong together? It’s important to think outside the box and to increase revenue and participation. Check out Friends Asking Amy [defunct link removed] to find out what you can learn from [defunct link removed], Allstate's Mayhem commercials [defunct link removed], and the Royal Wedding [defunct link removed] to impact your peer-to-peer fundraising efforts.

Understanding Mobile Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

This paper co-authored by Blackbaud and Charity Dynamics provides insight into the role mobile devices play in event fundraising and highlights key successes from The Arthritis Foundation, Autism Speaks and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Download the paper to learn more about mobile solutions.


Understanding the Value of Team Captains

Blackbaud surveyed six national nonprofit organizations, including March of Dimes, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Arthritis Foundation, to discuss peer-to-peer fundraising. One common theme continued to stand out as the group discussed fundraising performance, retention, and revenue distribution; team captains are vital to the health, growth, and success of peer-to-peer fundraising events. Download for insights on the value of team captains.


Net Wits ThinkTank Blog

The go to resource for nonprofit professionals looking to use social media, email marketing, and online fundraising strategies as part of their event fundraising program. We've got loads of event fundraising content. Here's a few of the top performers:

Making Event Participants More Successful with Social Media Tools

Individuals who use social media tools increase their fundraising 40% compared to their peers. Download the paper and learn more about the growing impact of social media tools on peer-to-peer fundraising and how event participants are utilizing these online tools to more effectively support nonprofits and their missions.


Peer-to Peer Fundraising Consumer Survey

Sixty-nine percent of individuals reported they are taking action in this way because of their affinity to the cause. Download the paper, co-authored with the Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council, to gain more insights into what motivates an individual to get involved and take action and explores how technology impacts their fundraising efforts — from the participant’s perspective.


Want More Fresh and Fun Ideas to Increase Revenue?

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Friends Asking Friends Pricing

To learn more about flexible pricing plans for Friends Asking Friends Event Fundraising Software, please contact us or chat with a live representative.


Friends Asking Friends Event Fundraising Software at a Glance:

Improve Event Fundraising Results

Guided Implementation and Training

Start using Friends Asking Friends immediately and effectively with the Freshman Orientation program. The two-part program is designed to help you raise more funds with stronger knowledge of the tools.

Part 1: Enrolment puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to drive your own go-live schedule.

Part 2: Education is a 12-month curriculum covering best practices for event fundraising, product functionality how-to, organizational strategy, and user groups featuring other organizations using Friends Asking Friends.


Better Event Fundraising Results

Participants who use peer-to-peer fundraising software with online tools raise six times more than others.

The Friends Asking Friends event fundraising system empowers supporters to share their stories through personal and team fundraising web pages, email donation requests, and popular social networks like Facebook® and Twitter®.

All their fundraising efforts are supported by Friends Asking Friends personal fundraising headquarters complete with helpful to-do lists, tips for success, and tools to measure fundraising progress.

Start using Friends Asking Friends to achieve results like these:

  • 90% email open rate
  • 53%+ email click-through rate
  • 1 in 4 (25%) emails result in a donation
  • $60 average online gift size


Improve Event Fundraising Results

Turn Your Participants into Social Fundraisers

Ensure participants can easily reach friends and families on Facebook, Twitter, and email — all enabled by Friends Asking Friends event fundraising system. Your supporters’ status updates and tweets will link directly back to their personal pages, bringing the conversation and activity back to your website and your mission.

Discover how Autism Speaks is taking advantage of social media with their peer-to-peer fundraising programs:

  • Participants who use online tools raise six times more than non-users.
  • Participants sending appeals through email, Facebook, and Twitter increase their fundraising effectiveness by up to 40%.
  • Detailed reports in Friends Asking Friends allows you to track social media usage and respond accordingly.


Event Fundraising Software Goes Mobile

Event fundraising is no longer confined to business hours, desktops or laptops. Take your peer-to-peer fundraising on the road with Friends Asking Friends Mobile. Make it easy for supporters to raise more money by giving them a simple way to connect with friends and family from their mobile devices.

Your supporters are mobile. Are you?

Watch and learn how you can get mobile with Friends Asking Friends.

  • 43% of mobile users access the Internet several times a day, and mobile giving is on the rise.
  • Display your supporters’ personal donation forms and confirmations on mobile devices with built-in mobile browser detection.
  • $56 average mobile device gift size.
  • Download the whitepaper and learn why mobile is the fastest growing fundraising trend.


Diversify Revenue with Independent Fundraising Events

More than just an event fundraising system, Friends Asking Friends event fundraising software can support personal fundraising activities such as bake sales and birthday wishes. Your organization can quickly and easily launch an online fundraising site complete with email capabilities, configurable individual and team pages, donation and pledge support, and comprehensive reporting and bookkeeping services.

Peer to peer fundraising with Friends Asking Friends lets you:


Forward-Thinking Event-Management Tools

Manage your events more efficiently with Friends Asking Friends Event Fundraising Software, technology that enables you to oversee all of your event activities – online, social media, mobile, and offline.

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) platform allows everyone in your organization to access the centralized database from anywhere with a web browser, so they can easily manage participant, donor, volunteer, and sponsor activity.

Learn how these tools can increase your fundraising revenue.

  • All of your valuable data is compiled and managed in one central online database- providing you with a complete view of event activities and supporter relationships.
  • Access a full set of customizable event-specific reports showing communication, registration, donation, sponsorship, and participant online activity data.


Event Management and Fundraising Software

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