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The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma was created by The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and since 1946 has helped Oklahoma Baptists give back to the ministries they love. The Foundation acquires, manages, invests and distributes gifts that strengthen Southern Baptist ministries. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that serves as an organization through which donors can give to charitable causes in the state, across the nation, and around the world.


Suzie Paul, administrative assistant to the Services to Donors team at The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma, spends a large portion of her time at work using The Raiser’s Edge®. A portion of her responsibilities include data entry, data management, and statistical reporting for the estate planning arm of the Foundation. As a power user of The Raiser’s Edge, Paul was frequently asked to pull reports and run queries for co-workers. These one-off requests began to consume her time and take away from her primary responsibilities.

The estate planning arm of the Foundation is responsible for approximately 75 percent of the organization’s more than 78,000 constituent records. Often times, the Foundation is interacting with constituents that are dealing with an impending death or are grieving the recent loss of a loved one. Because of this, the nature of the Foundation’s data is highly sensitive and the ability to have timely and accurate information is imperative. With so many one-off requests, the speed at which data was entered into The Raiser’s Edge suffered.


Paul and her supervisor came up with a solution to help limit the amount of requests she was receiving. They would re-educate and re-teach staff on how to use The Raiser’s Edge. This would empower staff to enter data in the appropriate places, run reports, and free Paul up to do the statistical analysis needed. The organization had planned to hire new staff during the year and purchased a Blackbaud Learn More training subscription in preparation. Since Learn More entitles everyone on staff to unlimited training for The Raiser’s Edge it made sense to take full advantage of the training subscription and encourage both new and existing staff to utilize the training available through Blackbaud Learn.

“We are very lucky in that our senior staff has been an advocate of the software and training from day one,” Paul said. “I think this is highly unusual in most nonprofits. It is essential though and the fact that it was pushed from the top down helped make our training program successful.”

The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma came up with an out-of-the-box way to encourage its staff to participate in training. The team that took the most classes, on average, would receive a free lunch out and the afternoon off. The contest created excitement, emphasized the importance of following established standards and procedures, reiterated the importance of timely data to provide quality service, and created a little friendly competition. The Foundation launched its training challenge at a lunch ‘n learn where it debuted Blackbaud Learn and the many options available.


The training challenge established by The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma has been a success. By empowering staff with the knowledge and know-how to work effectively in the organization’s The Raiser’s Edge database, the organization has experienced a number of benefits:

  • Shared responsibility: Work is divided among many rather than burdening one person
  • Better customer experience: Paul is able to provide timely and accurate statistical data to her team.
  • Time Savings: Paula has seen the amount of time she spends pulling reports and running queries reduced by almost 50 percent.
  • Time Savings: Data is entered more quickly across the organization giving the Foundation more timely data.
  • More accurate data: Since processes are streamlined company-wide, the number of data entry errors has decreased.
  • Improve Communication: Better and more accurate transfer and communication of activities amongst and between terms.

“There is a lot to be said about how easy it is to get training, the ways you can sign up, and the amount of choices that fit into your schedule,” mentioned Jayme Glover, assistant to the Services to Churches team at The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma. “It is simple and practically every class is applicable. Since we deal with sensitive information, the time at which it takes to input information is a little more important. The training teaches us that. And that is pretty important.”

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