Broome County Council of Churches

Blackbaud Learn helps BCCC take productivity and event success to new levels using their Blackbaud solutions

“I initially thought that online classes would be stale and non-interactive, but I soon realized that they were the exact opposite. I actually think they are better than a traditional classroom setting because you don’t have the side conversations and chatter. You’re able to stay more focused, keep things on track, and get what you are supposed to out of the class.”


When Christina Fedorick joined the Broome County Council of Churches (BCCC) as the Director of Finance, she realized that the organization was not taking full advantage of their Blackbaud solutions. Although she was new to The Raiser’s Edge® and The Financial EdgeTM, she knew there was more they could do with their software investment. “We used it [the software] on a small scale. The more I learned, the more I saw the capabilities of the system and realized that none of us were using it to its fullest potential.” She also noticed a difference in the way that each department was using the software — terminology was not standard and the systems were not integrated, which led to duplication and confusion across the organization.


While they had a limited budget, Chris knew that being able to realize the full functionality of their software would ultimately save them time and money. She approached their Executive Director, Joseph Sellepack, who readily agreed that the Council of Churches needed to explore training options. BCCC looked to Blackbaud for help, and after exploring all their options, they found that the Blackbaud Learn training subscription was the right fit. They chose the Blackbaud Learn MoreTM package for both The Raiser’s Edge and The Financial Edge. “When there is turnover, not all pertinent information gets disseminated. In addition, we frequently have new volunteers who need training. Unlimited training for everyone at one price was a huge selling point for us.”


Time savings. After purchasing the Learn More training subscription, nineteen BCCC employees took a total number of 148 classes in just seven months. In this short time, BCCC noticed a huge boost in productivity. They were previously storing multiple spreadsheets in various locations but are now able to keep all of their data in one place. By learning to simplify processes and integrating The Raiser’s Edge with The Financial Edge, BCCC has been able to save over ten hours of data entry time per week. “The way it’s streamlining things for us is unbelievable!”

More accurate data. From the training they received, the staff is now on the same page. They’ve learned how to integrate systems across departments, and have found it possible to work more effectively together – employees are now able to run reports more efficiently by pulling in data from one single source and reports are more accurate since everyone is entering data in the same way. “We still have a long road ahead to get where we need to be, but I am confident with the help of our Database Administrator, Barbara Cook and the new tools that we have learned, we will successfully reach our goals.”

Cross training and employee satisfaction. With unlimited training for everyone, they have been able to cross-train employees on both products, allowing staff to become more flexible in their jobs – and also increasing employee satisfaction.

More successful events. BCCC also found their training subscription helpful after purchasing the Event Module for The Raiser’s Edge®. Since BCCC has learned how to take full advantage of all the Event Module offers, Chris feels confident that managing their first Event (their annual Golf Tournament) using the new software will be even more successful. “Without training, we could have used the module and minimally gotten through it [planning and executing the golf tournament], but we now realize that we can do much more than we originally thought.”

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