Post-Implementation Services

You’ve invested in the technology to take your organization to the next level, but that’s not the end of the story. To realize the full potential of your solution and ensure it grows with you, it’s critical to focus on optimizing your operational effectiveness while growing your capabilities. We can help you accomplish these goals in a variety of ways.

Policies and Procedures

Establishing policies and procedures is the first step to ensuring a healthy database which fosters a culture of donor stewardship. By working closely with your organization, we can help you to define and document policies and procedures for the organization.


Health Checks

At times, it’s useful to have an external review of your solution to ensure it’s being utilized to its full potential. We can help to identify opportunities to drive more value out of your solution, including improving the quality of information, reducing configuration and setup issues, and leveraging best practices for system use.


Import Services

You may receive data once or multiple times from a variety of sources. Our consultants can help you import the data and prepare you to manage the data imports going forward.


Business Improvement

We want to make sure your processes and technology remain in sync and optimized to produce the best results. We work directly with your team to understand not only what your organizational needs are today, but where you’re going and how to meet your future goals. Our consultants use your goals as their guide. Here are just a few examples:

  • Restructuring your operations: Our consultants help make sure that you are incorporating industry best practices while staying true to your organization’s culture and designing processes that work best for you.
  • Efficiency: Maximizing your people, processes and technology allows your organization to accomplish even more. Our consultants help you combine technology with the right best practices to achieve greater results.
  • Implementing Program Areas: Over time, additional programs may become critical to supporting your long term organizational strategy, but how to implement these programs may seem overwhelming. We can support your efforts by working with you to provide best practice recommendations and implementation support.
  • Planning for the future: Our consultants not only make sure your organization will run smoothly today, they help you ensure you’re set up for success tomorrow as well. Whether your future plans include a capital or comprehensive campaign, enhanced online presence, or complex reporting or business intelligence, our consultants can advise you on how to get there.


Retainer Services

At times, you may find you need assistance with a variety of activities, but require the flexibility to choose the type of assistance needed and when it needs to happen. We can help by providing a consultant on retainer to work with your organization.


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