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The Admissions and Re-Enrolment times of year is typically so hectic, busy, and rushed. At the same time, it is a critical window of opportunity to fill your classes with students who fit your culture and will thrive in the environment you create. At times like this, your staff simply can't get caught with their head down in their computers. This is when your staff can personally interact and make the right first impression with parents and students.

When you automate the process of Admissions and Re-Enrolment with Blackbaud, you will have more time to meaningfully interact with students and families. You will have real-time access to information that will help all school offices make well informed decisions. Blackbaud Online Admissions and Online Re-enrolment streamlines processes and improves communication.



  • Customize applications and re-enrolment forms to reflect school identity
  • Incorporate medical form update into the online re-enrolment process
  • Improve the experience for Parents
  • Easily download and print applications, forms for special programs and financial aid forms
  • Enable on-line submission of admissions and re-enrolment forms
  • Re-enrolment forms are pre-populated and require updates only
  • 24/7 access via the web so they can complete at their convenience
  • Parents can track admissions status online
  • Accept application and re-enrolment fees electronically
  • Staff reviews and approves information prior the creation or update of a student record


Providence Day saved $30,000 in costs for a single re-enrolment term and saw enrolment increase by 30 students



“With Blackbaud products we have the ability to share data between all our departments. Admissions, the business office, development, and registrar’s office, parents and students all get the information they need. The nurses can get a student’s medical form. Plus, our data is much cleaner. And, of course, Blackbaud’s support is the best of the best.”

— Bev Shore
Information Manager
Providence Day School



To learn more about flexible pricing plans for Blackbaud Online Admissions & Re-Enrolment, please contact us or chat with a live representative.


Blackbaud Online Admissions & Re-Enrolment at a Glance:


  • Automation puts an end to mass mailings. Increased competition for each family demands this sort of interaction
  • Real time knowledge of student pipeline
  • Custom forms that capture your school identity
  • Applicants can review their status in application process online


Easy for Parents

  • The first interaction a parent has with your school is easy, clear and informative. Research shows new parents prefer to interact online
  • Data is entered one time by the parent at their convenience 24/7 . This increases their satisfaction level and improves accuracy of data received.
  • Pay admissions fees online
  • Re-enrolment information is pre-populated - only updates are required



  • No need for downloads, exports or shuttling of data
  • When the school chooses to accept an applicant, a student record is easily created with the press of a button
  • Data updated in real time


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