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Faculty Access for the Web how-to documentation and help resources includes the help files, user guides, how-to videos, customizable teacher tutorials, training, and more!  

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Help Resources at a Glance:

How-to Documentation

Learn more about how to use Faculty Access for the Web with these how-to documentation resources:


eReader Help: Do you want to learn the best way to view our PDFs on your favourite eReader? This simple set of beginner instructions lays out quick steps for viewing our user guides on Nooks, iPads, and Kindles.

How-to Videos

On the Faculty Access for the Web Videos page, watch how-to videos to learn more about the program. We'll also update the page with new videos on topics that are important to you.

New Videos:

Coming Soon:

  • How to customize your gradebook


Want to learn more about Faculty Access for the Web? Check out these training opportunities:



Teacher Tutorials

In these tutorials, you can help your teachers learn how to use Faculty Access for the Web. To customize the instructions for your school and teachers, use the Microsoft Word document versions and update the content. Or, you can provide your teachers with the ready-to-go PDF versions.

Before you get started, review the Teacher Tutorial Table of Contents. [Word | PDF]

  • Faculty Access for the Web Overview [Word | PDF]
  • How to Add Shared Documents [Word | PDF]
  • How to Approve Course Requests [Word | PDF]
  • How to Copy Categories and Assignments [Word | PDF]
  • How to Customize your Gradebook Settings [Word | PDF]
  • How to Enter Assignment Grades and Comments [Word | PDF]
  • How to Enter Assignments [Word | PDF]
  • How to Set Up Assignment Categories [Word | PDF]
  • How to Set Up Grading Scales [Word | PDF]
  • How to Set Up and Use Spell Check [Word | PDF]
  • How to Enter Attendance [Word | PDF]
  • How to Enter Marking Column Grades, Comments, and Skill Ratings [Word | PDF]
  • Mark Grades Ready for the Registrar and View Posted Grades [Word | PDF]
  • How to Run Reports [Word | PDF]
  • How to Send Email [Word | PDF]
  • How to Set Up your Faculty Access for the Web Options [Word | PDF]
  • How to Set Up Marking Column Weights [Word | PDF]
  • Overview of Marking Column Weight Calculations [Word | PDF]

ZIP file of all the Teacher Tutorials [Word | PDF]

Admin Resources

NetClassroom Resources

A sample information sheet about NetClassroom that you can customize for students or parents.

Select your version - [K-12 Schools .doc | Higher Education .doc]

NetClassroom 101: An Illustrated Cheat Sheet for Students and Parents

This visual guide walks students, parents, and even teachers through the features of NetClassroom. Download the PDF or print this helpful cheat sheet for your school!



Admissions & Registrar's Office

For Admissions Office and Registrar's Office help, go to Education Edge or Student Information System pages.

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