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eTapestry helps Haitian Christian Outreach Respond to Earthquake & Expand Supporters & Fundraising

The mission of Haitian Christian Outreach (HCO) is to do something for Haiti that will last. The organization works to achieve that mission through Christian values, education, and healthcare. HCO strives to build generations of new believers and equip indigenous spiritual leaders by establishing local churches throughout Haiti to grow the Christian faith. HCO also works to help children meet their educational, spiritual, and physical needs. Through its partnership with the Emmanuel Christian School, HCO provides quality education, biblical grounding, and physical nourishment to help build a new generation. HCO is committed to providing ongoing medical and dental assistance to the people of Haiti though its traveling medical clinics and medical facilities.

“eTapestry is part of our overall fundraising strategy, and because it is an online solution, we were in a perfect position to get quick relief to Haiti by making only a few changes to our website and personal fundraising page. As well, we have seen an overall increase in online giving and have collected gifts from 20 different countries. We are now able to cultivate these new donors through eMarketing tools.”

- Mac Burberry, Executive Director, Haitian Christian Outreach


Haitian Christian Outreach was steadily growing as an organization and was acquiring new supporters every day.

The organization needed a centralized system to keep track of supporters and needed to better understand supporters’ relationships with the organization.

Because of the organization’s growth, HCO wanted to harness the enthusiasm and support it was receiving by expanding its electronic communication and online giving capabilities.

Since HCO has three areas of its mission (religion, education, and healthcare), the organization wanted to be able to record and track each supporter’s affinity to the organization and allocate gifts to specific purposes.


In 2007, HCO chose eTapestry® to help the organization store information about its supporters in a centralized location and track supporter relationships, activities, and preferences.

Later, the organization added modules for Advanced Email, Personal Fundraising, and eCommerce.

One of the major factors in the organization’s decision to use eTapestry was the fact that it was an affordable solution that could be scaled to the organization’s needs to help them achieve success as they grew.


Improved communication and growth in supporter base. eTapestry has supported HCO’s overall fundraising strategy. The solution has enabled the organization to grow its supporter base through enhanced communication.

Quick, effective reaction to disaster. After the devastating earthquake of 2010 hit Haiti, Mac Burberry, the organization’s executive director, updated his personal fundraising page and then, through integration with the database and Advanced Email, he was able to send effective communication to more than 2,000 constituents about the need for support.

Fundraising success. Through online donation capability, the organization was able to accept donations immediately after the earthquake hit and raised more than $200,000.

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