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There is so much information to manage when running a small college, efficiency is a necessity to do this well. What could be more seamless than using one vendor for all your software needs? Every office is automatically linked by data that's available to those identified as key stakeholders. You'll quickly notice the shift from asking "where is this information" to "have you noticed this trend?"

Our solution provides user friendly tools to manage Academics, Financials, Advancement and Website Design. Rely on Blackbaud to increase efficiency in your small college so you can spend more time on what's important - educating and graduating students! And ultimately engaging alumni for increased participation.



Admissions Office

  • Track detailed applicant information, such as demographics and relationships
  • Present a professional image by ensuring that team members involved in communicating with prospective students are kept informed of activities, compile financial aid information, including contribution and qualification amounts, in one central location, provide prospective students the ability to inquire about your institution online, and add the information into Admissions Office.

Registrar's Office

  • Significantly reduce time spent creating complex class schedules with sophisticated scheduling algorithms with considerations for: instructor availability and qualifications, class size limits, room types and size, course rules, and gender balancing.
  • Easily create transcripts that reflect your campus culture
  • Track medical information and multiple addresses/contact methods
  • Deliver high-quality service
  • Create GPAs and class ranks according to your institution's policies
  • Simplify producing campus directories and specialized lists with easy-to-use query and reporting tools
  • Manage disciplinary action and letters
  • Support geographically-divided campuses
  • House information for multi-campus institutions within one database

Faculty Access for the Web

  • An online solution, so instructors can input from home as well as from campus
  • Enter assignments for multiple classes simultaneously
  • Enter grades with with easy highlighted rows to be sure the correct grade goes into the correct record
  • Have visibility to what students see on Net classroom
  • View detailed progress and missing assignment reports
  • Set-up performance alerts

Student Portal

Student Portal allows students to view assignments and grades from a secure website. Students can send email to their instructors directly from Student Portal and update their address online. A customizable message appearing on the opening screen alerts students to important news or events at your small college.

Security: Information is kept secure because students enter Student Portal using a unique password that restricts access to only their own record. Furthermore, powerful administrative tools built into Student Portal allow you to control exactly which data and features students can access. For example, you may restrict viewing to include only final grade information, or you might disable conduct information if it isn’t always kept up to date.

Student Billing

  • Choose from unlimited payment plan options
  • Accommodate payment plans and financial aid for each student
  • Support tuition refund plans
  • Import data from four leading tuition billing services
  • Use open-item or balance-forward accounting
  • Track advance deposits and enrolment fees
  • Base finance charges on the aging of individual charges, overall past due balance, or outstanding balance of loan
  • Exempt students from late charges when hardship or other special circumstances occur
  • Send receivables directly into your General Ledger, the core component of The Financial Edge
  • You can also manage statements and correspondence
  • Choose from a variety of statement formats that can include your logo
  • Include miscellaneous charges (bookstore, dining hall, etc.)
  • Process statements for all students at one time or for a specific group of students
  • Provide students with recap statements for any range of dates, and reprint copies of original statements
  • Merge data seamlessly with word processing documents for correspondence
  • Automatically identify accounts meeting past due criteria and print dunning letters


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Blackbaud Total Campus Solution at a Glance:


  • Student information management
  • Admissions Office
  • Registrars Office
  • Faculty Access for the Web
  • Net classroom



  • Manage financial reporting
  • Student Billing
  • Customized reporting for board members, senior leadership and budget managers .
  • View only access for budget managers
  • Eliminate offline tracking of data in spreadsheets



  • Nurture relationships with alumni
  • Annual Fund
  • Customize gift request based on historical giving
  • Make a donation on the school website


Website Design

  • Custom website design
  • Online Admissions
  • Ability to push custom content to targeted individuals
  • View grades, assignments, and billing statement online


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